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With over 30 years in the commercial aluminium cladding and commercial aluminium window system industry, the team at Redband Limited has decades of experience in the design, management, and installation of high-quality commercial aluminium window systems for businesses across Ireland. We provide design, installation, and project management services for large-scale commercial and industrial design projects including aluminium cladding and aluminium curtain walling. Our expertise in the industry has seen us work on large-scale projects such as Dublin Airport’s Terminal Two and Parnell Street Dublin’s Chapel House, guaranteeing high-quality workmanship and efficiency every time.

Working in Partnership with Reynaers Aluminium

For professional Aluminium Cladding and Curtain Walling for large-scale commercial & industrial projects, get in touch with Redband Limited today

Redband Limited FAQ

  • Where can I find aluminium window systems in Ireland?

    Redband Limited provides Irish aluminium window systems including aluminium cladding and aluminium curtain walling. Get in touch now for more on our services.

  • Do you provide project management services?

    Yes. When we work with a client to provide aluminium window systems, we can also provide project management services. This includes drawing up unique plans, sourcing high-quality materials, and employing skilled workers to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Where can I get a quote for industrial scale aluminium window systems?

    Get in touch with Redband Limited today for a quote on our aluminium window systems for all industrial and commercial projects.