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Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is a cost-effective and efficient way of creating a beautiful, bright, and modern façade on your commercial or industrial building. Here at Redband Limited, we have decades of experience in installing high-quality curtain walling on a range of different types of buildings, offering custom-made aluminium curtain walling to suit even the most demanding exterior projects. We source all of our aluminium and glass from reputable suppliers to ensure that your curtain walling project is completed to the highest standard, ensuring a stunning glass curtain to bring light, space, and modernity into your building.

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Glazed Curtain Walling

Redband Limited provides glazed curtain walling to suit all large-scale buildings, giving your property the appearance of floor to ceiling glass. Glazed curtain walling will give your building a sleek and modern look while letting in natural light and heat simultaneously. For the best in professional glazed curtain wall design, manufacture, and installation in Ireland, contact us now.

Unitised Curtain Walling

Unitised curtain walling is installed using aluminium joints to secure it in place, giving a modern, airy, bright, and professional look to any type of building. Here at Redband Limited we provide high-quality unitised curtain walling for a range of commercial and industrial clients, taking care of the design, manufacturing, supply, and installation of this beautiful façade design.

Curtain Walling FAQ

  • What is curtain walling?

    Curtain walling is a non-structural, aesthetic walling designed to protect your building from the elements and keep occupants inside. Curtain walling is usually made from glass and gives buildings a modern, bright, and airy feel.

  • What is the difference between glazed curtain walling and unitised curtain walling?

    Glazed curtain walling consists of a number of panels of glass on a building’s exterior, while unitised curtain walling consists of large panels of single glass held into place with aluminium holdings. The difference in both is generally just how they look.